FastCAT with the Montgomery Kennel Club

The Montgomery Kennel Club is licensed by the AKC to hold both FastCAT and CAT events. We will be hosting SIX FastCAT tests at the 2022 Jubilee Cluster Thanksgiving Weekend at the Garrett Coliseum. The MKC FastCAT Event Committee is chaired by Trigg Grieshop and its members are Sharon Grieshop, Corrine Dreyfus, Kaye Stevenson, and Lynnette Burge. You may contact any member of this committee by emailing the club at

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We are pleased to announce that Speed Dog Coursing will be our lure operator for this event and who will also be processing entries via their website,

Speed Dog Coursing is the lure operator for the upcoming Thanksgiving FastCATs being held at the 2022 Jubilee Cluster. Entries can be made conveniently online at their site or mailed to:

Trial Secretary, Rachel Ragsdale at PO Box 275, Grimsley, TN 38565.

If you have questions, please call the Event Coordinator, Linda Hurst at 865-604-7734

They also have a fast-paced and informative Speed Dog Coursing Facebook group.


What you NEED to KNOW

There is a lot of very good and necessary information in the FastCAT Premium for this event and we encourage you to read it fully.


Safety is the MKC’s highest priority at this, and all, events.

Safety is the focus of the Speed Dog Crew, and we have all worked together to ensure a safe, well-run event for everyone.

A note about the track: The FastCAT track will be fully fenced with mesh fencing, and will have gates at the entrance and exit.

The track is fairly flat and the Coliseum keeps it mowed short.

The following is from the folks at Speed Dog Coursing and is also stated in the premium;

“Safety is the focus of the Speed Dog Crew. We work with the host club to ensure the safety of the course. We pride ourselves on the
conduct of the crew to help maintain an atmosphere of helpfulness, fun and friendship, all while helping to ensure both human and dog
are as safe as possible. We make sure regulations are followed to make the event not only safe, but fair. We run a test dog prior to the
start of the event and each time we have to change Lure Operators. Prior to moving the lure to position for the start, the lure operator will
announce “hold your dogs” to caution owners and the Huntmaster will caution handlers to be careful of the line.”


Animal Emergencies

Montgomery Veterinary Associates • 2039 Carter Hill Rd, Montgomery AL • (334) 269-2508
Carriage Hills Animal Hospital • 3200 Eastern Blvd, Montgomery AL • (334) 277-2867

AKC Regulations for FastCAT

We can not stress strongly enough the importance of all competitors to read the AKC Regulations for FastCAT and they, along with other AKC resources may be found here.

Entry Information

There will be six tests over three days. Pre-entries close November 9, 2022 at 8:00 pm or when entries are full. If there are still available time slots, there will be “Day of” entries. Day of entries will close 1/2 hour before the end of the test or when time slots are full, whichever is earliest. There is an entry limit of 125 runs per event so pre-enter early online!

Online entry is encouraged. You can pay via credit card, check or voucher. Entries will not be accepted without payment of $22.00 / per dog/test. Once early entry has ended on the closing date of November 9, entry fees are $30.00 per dog/per test. Day of entries are not guaranteed, so please do enter early to save a few dollars and guarantee your spots.

Who can run FastCAT?

To be eligible for a qualifying run, dogs must be at least 12 months of age.

Qualifying runs also require your dog to have an AKC number via one of the following:

AKC Registration as one of the AKC’s recognized breeds (including PAL – Purebred Alternative Listing)

AKC Canine Partners (which is for mixed-breed dogs and dogs ineligible for AKC registration)

Fun Runs and Puppy Runs will be available at this event pending availability and at the discretion of the Lure Operator.

FastCAT exhibitor parking is in the gravel/asphalt parking next to the field.

Please be respectful of other competitors and do not park too close to the course.

Please bring your own shade and water.

A Word about COLLARS

Flat buckle collars (no tags or tape them down flat for safety) or a slip lead.

Dogs MAY NOT run in a choke collar, harness, head halter, martingale, but you CAN bring them to the line wearing such.

Electronic training collars and pinch collars are prohibited on AKC grounds.


Please bring a helper to catch/release your dog. If not, there will be VOLUNTEERS who can help. If your dog has a REALLY reliable recall, you may recall your dog.

If you would like to VOLUNTEER for this event, please contact Sharon Grieshop at or fill out our online Volunteer Registration Form. We can always use the help, especially for set up and take down of the course, catching and/or releasing dogs during the event, and many others.


ML Baer Photography is the official FastCAT photographer for this event, and Mark Baer and his team have been authorized by the Trial Chair.

Photographs may be purchased by contacting MLBaer Photography at

Lure Operators

The lure operators for this event will be Gary Webb, Daniel Cook, and Grace Berman. Speed Dog Coursing reserves the right to add additional operators as necessary.

Clean up after your dog

There will be bags and receptacles posted in several locations. Please help us keep the area clean for everyone. Restrooms are located inside the Garrett Coliseum.

A Note about Roll Call (Inspection)

We will be holding a “rolling roll call” for this event and this will be conducted by members of the Montgomery Kennel Club.

Inspection begins 15 minutes before your scheduled time block. Dogs will be inspected as they arrive at the field.

You will receive a RUN TICKET when you check in at the field. Take your RUN TICKET to the ROLL CALL AREA.

Dogs must be checked in and inspected BEFORE each run. Inspection will check for general fitness and for females in season.

Females’ in season and lame dogs are not permitted to run. Handicaps may be verified at inspection.

Volunteering at the FastCATs

Many hands make the bunny run faster! If you are new to the canine sport of FastCAT, volunteering is a wonderful way to learn more about it. If you are more experienced, then sharing that experience with others is a great way to give back to the sport that you (and your dogs) love so much. We are always happy to train new volunteers to help at our events, so if you are brand new to “get the bunny” or working on your FastCAT 20, please consider filling out the Volunteer Sign Up Form and check FastCAT.

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Directions to the MKC FastCATs at Garrett Coliseum