Jubilee Cluster

Jubilee Cluster

The Jubilee Cluster Dog Show will be Thanksgiving weekend at the Garrett Coliseum, 1555 Federal Drive, Montgomery AL 36109. This exciting weekend celebrates the companionship of dogs, promotes responsible dog ownership, and helps all dogs through the promotion of good breed health and breed preservation. While the Jubilee Cluster is, at its heart, a competition, it is also an opportunity for the public to engage with a vast array of breeds, owners and handlers, and to appreciate the thousands of hours invested in making our dogs truly… the best of their breed.

The conformation shows draw thousands of entries…Each striving to be a living version of their standard, a written description of the ideal specimen of that breed. Generally relating form to function, most standards describe the desired general appearance, movement, temperament, and specific physical traits such as height and weight, coat type, coat color, eye color, and shape, ear shape and placement, feet, tail, and more.

The Jubilee Cluster will also offer other opportunities to showcase the talents of our canine companions. Performance and Companion events (TBA) such as FastCAT (essentially the 100 yard dash for dogs), scent work, obedience, rally… each provide another wonderful opportunity to see the various levels of dog training and to enjoy the beauty of a sound, healthy, well-bred animal. Health clinics are often offered, and vendors are on site.

Frank Dreyfus is the Montgomery Kennel Club Show Chair for the Jubilee Cluster, and he may be contacted here if you have any questions about the show.

For more information about conformation, visit AKC’s website here.

Download a copy of the PREMIUM here.

Directions to Garrett Coliseum here.