Companion Events

Companion Events

Per the American Kennel Club, “There’s a reason why the phrase “man’s best friend” exists: It describes how much you and your dog complement each other, the time you spend together and the close relationship you have. That’s the foundation behind Companion events: To demonstrate the deep companionship between you and your dog. In these events, you and your dog train together to demonstrate the bond that forms between a well-trained dog and his owner. All dogs can participate in Companion events, including mixed-breed dogs. “

The Montgomery Kennel Club has members training, competing, and excelling in several AKC Companion Events including Agility, Obedience, Rally, and Tracking. Please click on one of the galleries below for more information about our MKC athletes and their respective companion sports.



The NEW AKC Obedience Regulations (April 2022) are now available both as a download (free) or in booklet form (order through AKC) by going to the AKC OBEDIENCE REGULATIONS page.