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Jubilee Cluster
Montgomery Kennel Club, Inc
Montgomery Kennel Club, Inc

AKC Licensed

Conformation * Obedience * FastCAT

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Who We Are

The Montgomery Kennel Club of Montgomery, Alabama was formed in 1956. The MKC is a non-profit, organized kennel club licensed by the American Kennel Club and following the rules and regulations of the AKC to hold competitions.

All Breed, Scent Work, AKC Rally, Obedience, FastCAT, and CAT

Our goals and objectives are to:

Promote the advancement of purebred dogs

Educate and to be of service to the canine sport community, and to the community in general.

Hold AKC sanctioned dog shows, trials and matches

Constitution and Bylaws

The Montgomery Kennel Club is bound to abide by its Constitution and Bylaws. This document is available here.


The Montgomery Kennel Club meets on the 3rd Wednesday at 6:30 pm at the Goodwyn Community Center 205 Perry Hill Road Montgomery, AL Guests are always welcome, but encouraged to contact us first to verify meeting date and time!

Contact Us

Mailing address:  Montgomery Kennel Club P.O. Box 242391 Montgomery, AL 36124

Questions? Please contact us for more information.

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MKC Announcements

MKC Board and Officer Nominations

Nominations are being accepted for opening positions on the MKC Board of Directors and for Officers of the club for next year. If you are interested in running for one of these positions, or would like to nominate someone, please let us know! The Nominating Committee will be presenting its slate to the club on July 15, 2022. Additional nominations may also be accepted from the floor at the August general membership meeting. If you would like to offer a nomination, have a question about any of the available positions or... Go to Page "MKC Board and Officer Nominations"

Wags and Brags

Did your MKC dog earn a new title recently? Learn something new? Do something so darn cute you just need to share? Send us your photos along with a brief description so that we can add them to our Brags and Wags! Go to Page "Wags and Brags"

Montgomery Kennel Club

The MKC website is under construction, but coming online with new content and new features. Please page through the new links (found both in the top menu and the side navigation bar) and give things a try. We will be making ongoing, regular updates coordinating with our MKC Friends page and MKC Members group. *Links that do not yet work are a hint of future updates. Go to Page "Montgomery Kennel Club"

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